LaLa Gardens Cooperative

LaLa Gardens Cooperative is a one-acre home and garden demonstration of permaculture and natural farming in the exurbs of Fort Collins, Colorado, transitioning from private to cooperative ownership as a model for regenerative development. The garden features regenerative farming and gardening courses, and is a pilot project for community ownership, governance, economy and culture that is based on a Declaration of Interdependence and in part, utilizes a global regenerative currency and ecosystem. It is reflective of hyperlocalsystems of Partnerism, membership, gifting, trade and other forms of mutual support. It is developing models for applying NFTs to regenerative real estate, education, marketplaces, art, culture and re-sci as a model for any neighborhood.

The Visions Page

This page will host your ideas for the LaLa Gardens Cooperative. These are the guidelines that are helpful to know regarding the co-visioning process:

  • Participants must become an owner (with a $100 ownership share purchase) in order to submit, upvote and comment on ideas on the Visions page.
  • All ideas need to be approved before they’re published for public viewing. We need to be sure the image isn’t copyrighted, and the description is clear and appropriate for public viewing.
  • We will clarify how many ‘Likes’ an idea must have before it is considered a ‘community supported idea’. Then a team of potential future tenants will ensure the ideas are both financially feasible and adheres to the mission, vision, values and principles.
  • ‘Supported ideas’ will be presented on a single page where it will be easy to track updates on its implementation. This is where you can take a more active role in ensuring its realization, whether it’s through financial or creative support.

An Agreement of Mutuality

This cooperative will include owners in co-creating a cultural hub that is responsive to your values, in partnership with your support in developing such a place that embodies these values.

This agreement serves to:

  • Provide predictability in managing expectations each group has of the other, including definition of roles and responsibilities.
  • Avoid false expectations in regard to what will eventually be built.

Both parties agree to:

  • Use the cooperative’s mission, vision, values and principles statement as our guide.
  • Support a realistic implementable plan that is financially feasible, based on objective economic analysis to confirm its fiscal viability.
  • Collaborate diplomatically, consciously and respectfully with each others’ best interests in mind. This means ideas will inevitably be implemented that are not supported by every individual.
  • Work with the cooperative to develop the most supported, feasible ideas into reality.

The cooperative ownership at large will provide the cooperative with:

  • Support in identifying a community of potential partners, investors and patrons to assist the cooperative in implementing the co-visioned ideas.
  • Outspoken leaders and followers that will campaign and openly support the project, especially at time of need.
  • The key to the success of a cooperative is recognizing that it is a symbiotic relationship between all of us with mutual interests.

We aim to work together as a team, and trust that we will resolve differences enthusiastically and without judgement. The larger the cooperative community grows, the greater the need to self organize as a cohesive unit to ensure an entirely enjoyable experience for themselves and future generations.

Learn more about the LaLa Gardens Cooperative at its wiki page.